Let’s Find Out About Exercising When Pregnant

pregnant exercising

Serious about working out but worried about your baby bump? Exercise! Challenging as it may seem it’s good for both you and the baby. Believe it or not this will also take the edge off the discomforting aches and pains that accompany pregnancy.

You see, done right exercising can help you develop a stronger core, strengthen your abs, limit the potential back aches and for some even reduce labor pains. Just remember that not all exercises are appropriate for pregnant women. And there are restrictions to pay attention to both for your safety and the safety of the baby you are carrying.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the Do’s and Don’t of exercising when pregnant.

The first and perhaps most important step you need to do before commencing/continuing any exercise program is get your doctor’s approval.

Following an exercise program before pregnancy? Stick with it. If not wait until the 2nd trimester to start. You can safely do a lot of walking exercises but should limit intense workouts to no more than three sessions a week.

Doing a lot of aerobics and strength training is a good idea. Since posture changes normally happen during pregnancy such exercises will help you adjust. After your 2nd trimester you will find swimming and other weightless exercises more comfortable.

Still, like I said, walking briskly is an excellent way to achieve toned muscles.

Even though exercising is good for you, you want to stay within 60-65% of your maximum heart rate.Take regular breaks. Overheating can be harmful to your baby.

Warm up 5 minutes before doing anything approaching an intense workout. Slow walking is a good example of something you can do to warm up.

Anything that includes a risk of falling like biking, in line skating or skiing should probably be avoided after some point. As well as doing exercises that require you lay on your back during the first trimester as that can restrict blood and oxygen flow to the baby.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. For example if you experience any kind of dizziness, chest pain, or bleeding stop. You want to discuss such things with your doctor. Obviously common sense should kick in here. Still some might believe they can take the pain and keep going. But in this case it might not be a good idea.

How safe is it to exercise while pregnant? It all comes down to how active you were before you become pregnant. Just keep in mind, it’s important to get medical clearance before starting any exercise program so you and your physician can establish a safe exercise level.

Fat, no one likes it. But aerobic ball exercises and ab exercises for women can help.

Gym Etiquette – 5 Things That Piss People Off


Everybody who is or has been a member at a gym has probably at one time been a culprit of poor gym etiquette. Gym etiquette is more or less a set of unwritten rules that are put into place to allow for a more effective and enjoyable workout and all around gym experience. Here are 5 things that you should avoid doing in the gym because it pisses people off.

1. Don’t be a “know-it-all”

This is the top most angering thing that people tend to do in the gym that may sound like a good idea to them but in all reality it does nothing but piss people off.  Never go up to somebody and try to push your knowledge of what you think you know onto them, or harass them about what you think they are doing wrong or what they could be doing better.

First off its annoying as hell when your in the zone working out and you have some random member come up to you and start spouting their mouth off about how you should be doing what they do or how you should be lifting more or less. Secondly if people wanted your help they would ask for it, nobody cares that you do hours of research or that you buy all the latest workout magazines or what not, just mind your own business and keep your opinions and knowledge to yourself unless asked for it.

2. It’s not Social Hour

I cannot count the number of times I have gone to gym to workout and there are a group of guys just sitting around on the equipment talking away not even working out or using the equipment. The gym should never be a place to go and socialize it is very distracting and kills the workout mood of the gym. If you want to socialize go to a coffee shop or a pub or something. Leave the gym space and equipment free for those of us who go to the gym to workout and actually use the equipment.

3. Don’t Leave Sweat

It is absolutely disgusting when you sit down at a machine and all of a sudden you feel like you just sat or laid  in a puddle of water. I understand that if you are working our very hard in the gym that of course you are going to sweat and there is very little to stop it. It is however not impossible to get a towel or paper towel and simply wipe the sweat off the machine or bench when you are finished. Most gyms provide paper towels and disinfectant stations near the equipment. Just remember sweat while it may be all natural, it doesn’t mean that others want to be getting your sweat on their bodies.

4. Don’t be a Staring Creep

When people start going to a gym they are more than likely either out of shape and fat or underweight. There is nothing more intimidating and demotivating that when you are trying to learn the different machines and exercises and you are learning about the weights you can handle and you have these huge guys staring at you. Look just like these newbies to the gym you were not always as big as you are now and you had to start off somewhere too. Instead of staring at the newbies why don’t you just worry about your workout and the exercises that you are doing.

5. Pick up After Yourself

I literally see this time and time again and pisses me off each and every time I see it. When you are finished with dumbbells or plates put them away! It is absolutely frustrating to have to go looking all over the gym for weights that you need. Remember people this is not YOUR gym this is a community gym that is shared by many people, put your weights back on the racks or the plate trees when you’re done with them.

Gym etiquette is not very widely preached in the gym but should be. It’s just like any other type of etiquette in any other sport, while it is not preached it is still necessary and should be followed as much as possible. These points of course are only 5 examples of things you should not do at the gym(the ones that piss me off the most). If you have any more examples you would like to add to this list just simply post them in the comment section below.

A Basic Introduction To Garcinia Cambogia – The Miracle Fruit

garcinia cambogia review

Garcinia Cambogia is a herb that comes from a tree found in Indonesia that works by suppressing the signal to the brain of hunger – or an empty stomach. By using it, you’re going to find that you literally feel full all day long, so the desire to eat just isn’t there.

As you should hopefully already know, the real secret to achieving fat loss success is eating fewer calories than you burn off throughout the course of the day. So, if hunger is no longer an issue for you, this gives you complete control over your food intake, making it easy for you to create the calorie deficit in order for maximum fat burning to take place.

Garcinia Cambogia Works Without Any Impact On The Central Nervous System

What’s even better is that garcinia cambogia extract works to suppress appetite and causes weight loss without any impact on your central nervous system. A wide number of products out there may work to blunt your appetite but the problem is that they create great stress and strain on the central nervous system.

The end result is that you end up feeling highly fatigued and burnt out over time, not to mention those supplements can present a wide range of side effects including feeling anxious, jittery, nervous, energy highs and lows, and so on.

Think of it like what would happen if you drank three cups of very strong coffee a couple times per day. While at the start you might feel like you had an endless supply of energy that just wouldn’t quit, but before not too long, that energy would be gone and you’d be left feeling drained, fatigued, and not like yourself at all.

So this is one clear benefit that Garcinia Cambogia holds over the other supplements. It’s much healthier and safe to use as it’s completely natural for your body. This also means that you can use it for a longer period of time without having to take a break from it and you won’t experience any harsh side effects.

Garcinia Reduces Increases The Level Of Serotonin In The Brain

The herb will help to reduce your total appetite level, increase the rate of fat oxidation taking place in the body, as well as helping to increase the release of a natural feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. This same neurotransmitter is the one that’s released when you eat a high carb meal, so if you’ve ever felt that temporary sense of enjoyment after a good plate of pasta or piece of cake, you’re experiencing serotonin at work.

By taking garcinia cambogia supplements however, you don’t need to eat the foods that aren’t good for you to have the benefits that serotonin provides. With its release on high, you’ll naturally feel better on your diet, making it that much easier to stick with over the long run.

The Garcinia Cambogia Dosage Requirements

It is advisable to take 1000 mg before each meal, which will help to provide ultimate support for blocking fat and suppressing your appetite. After the first 12 weeks are finished, you will need to use the supplement for maintenance purposes, then you should switch down to three dosages of 500 mg or even just 2 of 500 mg per day. This will allow you to easily maintain all the weight that you’ve lost.

The Importance of Time Under Tension Explained

Time Under Tension

Alright so I was sitting here trying to decide on what to write about and then it hit me. I should talk about the importance of TUT. So what is TUT? I hear you asking. Well as I revealed in the title TUT stands for time under tension. This is a value measured in seconds and it counts the number of seconds that your muscles are under tension during any given set.

Time under tension is very important as your muscles act differently depending on the time they are placed under tension. I realize this may be a bit confusing for you but just hang in there. Alright so what studies have shown us is that if your muscles are placed under tension for about 20-40 seconds then your muscles will tend to gain more strength and power.If your muscles are under tension for 40-70 seconds then your muscles will take on a more anabolic path which means muscle growth.

So now knowing that during any given set you must place your muscles under tension for at least 40-70 seconds we can now develop a lifting tempo. The tempo I normally use and have found to really attack your muscles is a 4-1-1 tempo. What this means is that on the negative portion of the lift it should take you 4 seconds to return the weight to the start position, you then wait for 1 second and then lift the weight back up in 1 second.

Just to make things easier to understand here is an example. Let’s say that you are doing bench pressing.  You would start off with the barbell or dumbbells at the top position. You would then begin by lowering the weight to your chest this should take you 4 seconds, then once at the bottom of the rep you would wait 1 second before firing the weight back up to the original position which should also take only 1 second.

If you use this tempo and stick to the 8-10 rep range the time under tension of your muscles will be about 48-60 seconds which is in perfect range to trigger the anabolic muscle growth effect. Now obviously you can change things around with the reps and lifting tempo, as long as you are staying within the 40-70 second range your muscles will grow.

Phen375 Scam – The Shocking Truth You Should Know!

phen375 scam

Did you know that slimming pills industry is one of the stable industries and the health market. But again, the competition in this industry is also very high.

There are thousands of companies that manufacture such fat burners. One cannot disregard all of those companies as scams. There are many slimming pills that have proved time and over again. Phen375 is one such drug that has been recommended by almost all the sites that review slimming pills.

The shocking news is that there are many drugs that are sold worldwide have not been approved by medical board and they are not safe on human beings. There are even certain slimming pills that are harmful to the body. The other type of drugs are those that are not effective.

But again, Phen375 is one recognized and considered as one of the best fat burning pills available in the market. According to its official website, Phen375 has the ability to reduce almost 5 pounds of weight in just seven days. This is remarkably and also incredible when come back to other fat burners. Phen375 is also cost-effective when compared to many other slimming pills in the same category. But what does really confirm us users and dieters that

Phen375 pills that are safe?

Dieters and other users can assure that a specific product is safe by verifying if the drug is approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Authority). If a product is certified by the FDA as safe, you can rest assured that it is 100% safe after running through series of tests and analysis. Phen375 has been approved by the FDA several times.

Lastly, how can dieters know that Phen375 is certified effective?

You can find thousands of testimonials on Phen375. These are real users who have used and found the drug effective. You can also see a few negative reviews. This simply means that the tablets when not suitable for the user or were not put to use as per the recommendation.


Please don’t purchase Phen375 from unofficial shopping portals like Ebay or Amazon. If you buy from there at ridiculously cheap rate you end up paying for counterfeit products!