Skin Care Tips For Men


Skin care is as important for men as it is for women. If you are a man and do not know much about how to properly care for your skin, you have found the right article.

Taking good care of your skin will help you to look and feel great about yourself. Good, clear, healthy skin will help you to look young, vital and alive. There is no need to suffer from premature wrinkles, lines or age spots. By paying attention to the information in this article you can have a smooth and flawless complexion.

First things first, if you want your skin to look good you must wear sunscreen anytime you go outside. Women wear makeup, which offers some protection from the sun, but as a man, without sunscreen your facial skin is exposed to direct sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause you to develop deep wrinkles, skin discolorations and age spots. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more and apply it liberally to any area of your body that is not covered by clothing.

Along with wearing sunscreen, think about wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap to offer you additional sun protection. Avoid smoking cigarettes or consuming too much alcohol. Cigarettes are horrible for your skin and will definitely cause you to develop unattractive facial wrinkles. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is also very harmful for your skin and can have many deleterious effects. Alcoholics oftentimes develop a red, ruddy facial complexion.

To keep your skin in tip top shape, avoid smoking at all costs and limit your alcohol intake. Diet can also have a dramatic impact on your skin. Stay away from sugary, high processed foods and instead eat plenty of natural whole grain, vegetables and fruits. Along with eating right, make an effort to drink plenty of water. Water moisturizes your skin from the inside and keeps your body properly hydrated. If you get pimples on your face, do not pop them. Popping zits can spread bacteria and will lead to scarring.

Avoid picking at your skin at all costs. If your acne is a problem to you, consider scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist. Be sure to wash your face every night before bed. Use a good, non-comedogenic cleanser. Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to keep it healthy and fresh-looking. If your skin is dry, consider using a moisturizer. Dry skin can look very unattractive so don’t be afraid to apply moisturizer on a regular basis. You may even want to moisturize after you shave.

Get plenty of sleep. In today’s high stress world many men are forced to cut back on the amount of sleep they get every night. This is actually a huge mistake. Sleep is crucial for your health and well-being and can have a big effect on your skin. Strive to get 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every single night. The skin care tips in this article can help any man. Apply what you’ve learned and enjoy having healthier, more attractive skin.

Tips for Better Baby Skincare

baby skin care

Whose skin is more sensitive than the most sensitive person you know: a baby! If you’ve got a new bundle of joy in your family, skincare is going to play a huge role in making sure your little one grows up happy and healthy. Because baby skincare is so important, it is vital as a parent to know what products to use and which ones are considered unnecessary. Each year pediatricians are learning new ways to care for a baby’s skin so it’s a must that you as Mom or Dad know this info as well.

Most parents tend to think of baby skincare as consisting of nothing more than baby powder and baby lotion but this concept of caring for a little one’s skin has come a long way. Pediatricians now say that baby powder can actually be replaced by more effective products. If your baby suffers from diaper rash (a common skin irritation for newborns), instead of using a dusting of baby powder on your baby’s bottom, you can simply use a fast-acting ointment or cream specially made to relieve and prevent future diaper rash.

Speaking of powders, there are certain ones that should be avoided at all costs, namely anything that contains a cornstarch base, which can promote yeast growth. Talcum powder should also be avoided because such items can damage your baby’s lungs and hinder his/her ability to breathe properly.

As much as we want our babies to smell wonderful, you need to be wary of using certain items that contain perfumes or alcohol. Read the labels and be sure to only use gentle products on your baby’s skin. This includes the soap, baby wipes, laundry soaps, shampoos, lotions and other items that come into direct contact with your baby’s skin (both directly and indirectly). All of these products should be fragrance-free and use natural ingredients instead of artificial fillers or preservatives. On a related note, pediatricians say that is it not necessary for your baby to take a bath every single day.

If your baby is not yet a toddler chances are he/she spends more time in a crib, bassinet or in your arms than crawling around on the floor or outdoors. Bathing your baby a few times a week is more than enough to keep him/her clean and fresh. It is also recommended to only use soap on the areas that get dirty, like the feet, hands, genitals and underarms. A warm rinse on the other areas of the body will do.

Just like adults, babies can suffer from sun damage and sunburn. While it is important to incorporate sun care into your little one’s day, it is critical to note that sunscreen and similar products should not be used on babies younger than six months of age because they can become more prone to a bad skin reaction. If your baby is too young for sunscreen you can still protect him/her from the sun’s UV rays by putting on a hat or bonnet with a wide brim to shade the face and neck, placing your baby in the shade whenever possible and using loose-fitting clothes that are tightly woven so UV rays can’t seep through.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream: How Milk Affects Acne and Breakouts


More and more doctors, nutritionists and scientists are convinced that cow’s milk plays a huge part in triggering acne. This seems to be borne out by a study published in 2005 where researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who drank three or more cups of milk a day were 22% more likely to experience severe acne compared with those who drank less. In fact, skimmed milk was more likely to cause acne than full-fat milk.

Let’s look at why drinking milk can cause acne? There has been suggestion that drinking milk an eating dairy products originating from pregnant cows exposes us to an unnatural level of hormones. These hormones contain estrogens, progesterones and androgens which are metabolized by our bodies, eventually causing overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands – one of the causes of acne. Futhermore, pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and hormones are added to milk.

At least 85% of teenagers suffer with acne and what do most teenagers love to eat – cheese pizzas and milk chocolate. Even though it’s difficult for teenagers to give up dairy products, it may be worth eliminating them for a while to see whether this clears up their acne.

Of course, milk is rich in calcium, so it is important to make sure that dairy is substituted by other calcium rich foods.Some suggestive alternatives are given here:Use soy milk fortified with calcium. I would recommend that you buy organic soy milk.

If you think that it’s impossible to give up cheese then don’t despair, there are some great non-dairy alternatives made from soy. Try sprinkling it on your home-made pizzas – you won’t know the difference!Do you love desserts? Give soy yogurt and desserts a try.

If you crave chocolate then try dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which make it healthier for you than dairy chocolate. Don’t get too excited though, dark chocolate contains a lot of fat and calories, so limit your consumption.

Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, collard greens and turnip greens since they are rich in calcium. Also, foods such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, sesame seeds, almonds, tofu, salmon and sardines are all rich in calcium.If you thank that milk and dairy products are the culprit, then eliminate them from your diet for a fews weeks to see if it makes any differences. Make sure you replace dairy with other calcium rich foods.

Cow’s milk is not the only trigger for acne, so if you want to know more about acne and treatment, please make sure you take a look at Meladerm skin lightening cream.