6 Ways To Manage Back Acne Scars


Wearing sexy back straps or revealing swimsuits may look unappealing if there are unsightly back acne scars you would rather cover. This may become a big self-esteem issue with women and teenagers, but there are ways to get rid of this. Back acne, or as others call it “bacne”, is mainly influenced by perspiration and dirt that clogs the pores on the back. This blocks dead skin cells from shredding off the skin and if the breakout is worse, the bacne may become inflamed and irritated. Just like facial acne, treating this so that the skin clears up is imperative.

Below are six steps to managing back acne scars:

1. Cleanse

Sometimes, people forget to focus on cleaning their back. But if you’re an active person who is into sports, dance or gym activities, and you generally sweat all the time, cleansing the back is going to be part of your everyday hygiene. Cleansing also means properly rinsing properly, as any residue from the soap can also irritate the skin and trigger back acne breakouts.

2. Scrub

Of course, its not enough to just simply rub soap and water on your back. You also have to scrub your skin. Do this in gentle, circular motions, especially concentrating on areas where breakouts are plenty. Scrub at least two to three times a week, as over scrubbing can also lead to skin damage. Choose a scrub with tiny granules and use loofah along with it.

3. Moisturize

The skin needs moisture so that it is smooth, blemish free and healthier. Choose products you use on the skin, however, as moisturizers that come with strong ingredients can be harmful to the skin. A non-comedogenic moisturizer offers less reaction with whatever skin type.

4. Treat

After you have done all the first three steps, apply topical ointment to treat the back acne scars. There are several types of acne treatments available over-the-counter or if you want, you can use natural treatments like lemon or baking soda.

5. Soothe

Sometimes back acne scars can be so red, itchy and irritating so it would be helpful to sooth this using creams or mist that you can buy at beauty stores or drug stores, or prepare at home using basic ingredients like aloe vera. Soothing also prevents you from scratching and further tampering with the bacne and deepening the scars. Thus, it heals faster.

6. Mask

Mask provides protection and it’s usually a woman’s regular ritual to apply mask on the face to rejuvenate it and keep it soft or smooth. Use mask at least once a week. For the back, though, you can apply a stronger amount compared to the face.

Trying to get rid of back acne scars requires a bit of dedication and commitment so that the marks are completely gone.